Friday, June 1, 2012

May in Instagrams || Personal

First off...welcome to the blog!!! I am so excited to launch this little thing and get moving. There's going to be A LOT going on here; recent shoots [glowing newlyweds, current projects, seniors, etc.], recipes, reviews, words on my heart and maybe the occasional giveaway ;) Take a look around & make yourself at home! So happy to have you here :)

Let's get down to business...this month in Instagrams. This is one of the series I'm most excited about on the blog because I'm honestly addicted to Instagram. Who isn't? On the first of every month I will be blogging my Instagrams from the past 30 days and setting some goals for the following month. So let's get to it!

1. Breakfast dates with my mom are my favorite. 2. Two things to know about me: I drink way too much Starbucks [yes I am a proud gold-card holder!] & I love the city. 3. Last day of the semester and my photo professor is coincidentally wearing his yellow/cyan outfit to represent photographic complementary colors. 4. Someone mysterious sent me the third volume of Kinfolk. I am in love with that mysterious person & Kinfolk. 5. Alli, Calum & I love our MacBooks & Frappuccino Happy Hour. 6. Clouds are my very favorite thing. 7. I lovelovelove Soy Chai Tea Lattes BUT I just discovered Soy Chai good. 8. I cooked all day long for Mother's Day! Homemade cheesecakes are quite challenging. 9. My first day of interning at my church...we had a scavenger hunt and went to an arcade. 10. This past year I was an eighth grade girls small group leader and they have moved on to high school...sad but really looking forward to next year! 11. Steve & Sara now have a 15-week-old puppy named Rhodes...cutest guy ever. 12. Rhodes him so much. 13. The peonies in my yard have bloomed. My favorite flowers. 14. The college ministry at Harvest went to Haiti for the week so I stayed at Dan & Kristin's to watch Marty. 15. Marty was ready for them to get back from Haiti! 16. Officially feels like summer...Mandy & I got ice cream and walked around town.

May flew by and now that it's June I feel like summer is almost over...although it's just begun. I'm so excited for the weddings, beach days, sunshine and road trips. June is a packed month and I am really looking forward to it! Lots of grad parties and I'm starting two photo classes. Hannah & Paul's wedding is also coming up and I am so excited for that.

1. Cut out diet pepsi for one week [I am so addicted!]
2. Order new business cards
3. Finish reading through the Gospel's
4. Learn a new chord on guitar [I've been slacking]

Nothing big so I think I can do it ;) Once again, so excited about the new blog. Don't forget to check out the new website as well!

What did you do in May & what are you looking forward to in June?

Happy June,


  1. I LOOOOVEEEE ITTTT! It looks so good, Alison! And I'm looking forward to spending time on the beaches here in Jax this summer & getting to know lots of new friends:)

    1. SO excited to hear all about JAX!


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