Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Joe & Abby || Seymour, IN Wedding

"I have found the one
who my soul loves."

This is the story of Joe & Abby. They met at church and eventually they dated. Crazy about each other, Abby drove from Illinois to Indiana frequently to see Joe. And of course, Joe did the same to see Abby.  During one of Abby's trips to see Joe in the fall of 2012, Joe had a little surprise for her. They went on a hot air balloon ride and when they got back on land, they were engaged!

Joe & Abby got married on a mild summer day in the country. Down the dirt road and through the green fields to Cedar Ridge, Joe & Abby said "I do" and committed to loving unconditionally, forever. I met Abby two years ago when we both were taking photography classes. When I think of Abby, I see a Proverbs 31, gentle, encouraging and kind woman with a little spunk. When I think of Joe, I see a knight in shining armor. This man LOVES Abby. Sweetly,
tenderly & wholly. The twinkle in Abby's eye when she talks of Joe and the look in Joe's eye when he sees her. 

Their day was completely full of joy and blessing. These two have some awesome family and friends surrounding them, encouraging them, walking with them. I could immediately feel the warmth that these people bring. Abby and Joe have been ready to get married pretty much since the day they met. Their marriage carries a beautiful line of heritage going back to their grandparents.


 Joe & Abby, you two have something special. Keep loving each other completely and unconditionally. Keep laughing, smiling and enjoying life without the road trip to see one another.

Leave some love, words of encouragement, wise lessons for Joe & Abby below!


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