Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Things I Love Friday || Inspiration

TGIF...seriously! In a few hours I will be hitting the road to the lake house for some much needed r&r. Lots of good things I love this week :)

1. Kinfolk. Need I say more? Seriously amazing artists, writers, photographers, everything about all they do. I received volume four in the mail this week and I am oh, so excited!
2. Let's just start off and say if you haven't read the Hunger Games you are missing out! It's pretty awesome. I saw the movie at the midnight premiere back in April (because I guess I'm a nerd) and I received the DVD this week and I've already watched it once and am preparing for round two... ;)
3. Mmmm I am a candle lover. Not a big fan of heavy, sweet scents so this eucalyptus mint candle is right up my alley. Light and fresh!
4. The founding and senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, James Macdonald, recently released a new book. I just started it and I am already loving it. I know this book will challenge me so much. Church is a vertical thing...not horizontal.

[these last 3 are pretty special...]

5. Avett Brothers is just pure goodness. Have a listen to their new album 'The Carpenter'.
6. Frozen raspberries in water. Simple as that. Or any frozen fruit in water. Acts as an ice cube and makes it yummy.
7. Trader Joe's trail mix is the bomb. Gives me some energy in the middle of a long day!

What are some things you've been LOVING this week!?

P.S. Since I will be at the lovely lake house for the next few days, August in Instagrams and this week's addition of project 52 will be up once I get back :)

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