Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 33 || Project 52

Summer is ending, rain is falling, leaves are about to change color...yep, I'll say it again. Summer is ending. Not too sure how I feel about it. The 100 degree days are not too enjoyable and I'm really looking forward to my fall schedule, apple cider and fall fashion, but I absolutely love summer, frozen yogurt runs and late nights. So as summer is coming to a close I did two especially summer-y things this past week. A trip to the drive-in and a Chicago White Sox game. What can be more summer-y! 

The sunsets always seem to be more special at the drive-in :)


My personal favorite part of the drive-in...the intermission [so classic!]  :) 

and a few days later a drive to the city for a White Sox game! 


The clouds were absolutely MAGICAL!

and believe it or not...the first fireworks I've seen all summer!

Have a lovely week! Oh, and by the way SOX WIN!

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