Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Clipboard Art & Display || DIY 2013

I consider myself a fairly organized person. I don't like being late to things (but sometimes I am) and I do my best to keep a planner (but most of the time I don't.) So in an attempt to be even more organized I made this Clipboard display and little organizing system. I love looking at these pretty things on my wall. I like to put sweet memories, pretty pictures and current projects up so I can be reminded of all the good stuff. These babies are functional for anyone and anything. This clipboard display is ideal for posting recipes, good memories, sweet cards, favorite pictures...anything. 
What you need:
Spray Paint
Chalkboard Paint
Paint Brushes
Foil (to cover clips while painting)
Lace (or any other "stencil" for a pattern)
Cute, easy, affordable. Love them. Make some and tweet me a picture or Instagram them using the hashtag #13diysfor2013. Happy DIY-ing!


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