Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Senior Search 2014

There's something about every person that makes them different. Whether that be an instrument they play, a love for gardening or a silly one is the same as you. I love that about people. Every person on this earth is fascinating. I think we start to discover the quirks, the craziness and the amazing-ness of ourselves when we are in a season of change. Graduating from high school is a big season of change. You're ending a huge chapter of your life. You are moving out to live on your own (or not), you are going to be studying something you love, you are going to be "in the real world."
This is part of the reason why I LOVE spending time with seniors. This is a big part of your life & I love to photograph it. High school is over. There's no more prom, turnabout dances, football games, bake sales, pep rallys. *cue "Friends Forever by Vitamin C* But, college is coming. This is your time. 
So without further ado, I am so excited to announce the senior search of 2014!

Who is this for?
This super awesome, amazing, wonderous program is for seniors-to-be. The class of 2014! I am looking for 1-2 seniors from schools in the Chicagoland area including (but not limited to): Lisle Senior High School, Benet Academy, Wheaton Academy, St. Francis High School, Naperville North High School, Naperville Central High School, Neuqua Valley High School, & all Glenbard high schools. But, if your school isn't listed I would love to work with you, too!
Why should I apply?
Well, if you aren't convinced yet...there's something in this for you, too. First of all, we'll have an awesome time taking your senior photos but if that isn't enough then here's the deal...
Once you book your session & are accepted to be a senior spokesmodel for 2014, tell ALL your friends about it. I mean, like your whole school. For every friend that books a session with me (before your session) because of YOU, you will get 10% off your session. So, 5 friends, 50% off. Pretty awesome, huh?
& to top it all off, you will be one of my crazy awesome, cool, rad senior spokesmodels that will represent me for the remainder of the summer and senior year AND get a full blog post all about you to share with your friends & family.
How do I apply?
Please fill out the dandy little application by clicking on this link here.

When do I have to apply?
All applications to be a senior spokesmodel are due by Saturday, June 15, 2013. However, the sooner the better. It gets hotter and hotter as the summer goes on so spring is the best time to book your session.

What if I'm not a 2014 senior and I'm graduating this year?
That's awesome! Congrats! Unfortunately this program is only for seniors-to-be in 2014. Fortunately, you can still totally get your senior photos taken by me! If you are interested please email me at

I am thrilled to be spending this summer with all of you. Can't wait to get to know you, photograph you & read your applications!

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