Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dan & Kristin || Maternity

I love this couple. These two have poured more into me than I could ever explain. They've blessed me immensely through their ministry and friendship. I've known Dan & Kristin for awhile. I used to work with them (Dan was my boss!), I dog-sit for them frequently (because Marty loves me sooooo much), & they're just completely awesome (and hilarious). When I found out they were expecting, I was ecstatic! & I started buying clothes for the little one and texting ideas and pictures of outfits a little too much ;) Their sweet baby girl is due at the end of June and I am SO excited to meet her. 


  1. Al, I love these! the post-work is beautiful:) and that little pup? SO STINKIN' CUTE! great job, friend:)


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