Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 29-32 || Project 52

I know, I know...four weeks of Project 52?! I am a little behind. July caught me off guard and I slacked when it came to Project 52. In times like this, I realize that however much I have to go shooting, I need to remember to just go shooting to shoot. I need to do what I love just on my own time so I remember why I love it so much. 

So with all of that out in the open and behind us, let's catch up on the last four weeks!

Remember a month ago on week 25 when I posted some wet plates? Well, I made some more on Week 29. I enjoyed the adventure so much this summer and I'm going to continue on and take some more classes on it in the fall.

I couldn't pick just one image for Week 30 because it was just a great week. Part of the week I spent with high school students at Highpoint with Harvest. It was such a blessing to lead the students in worship and spend time with them. The photos above were captured on a hike we took to go rock climbing. God's creating is so amazing!

Week 31 I spent with some junior highers at Jam Camp with Harvest. This picture holds a special place in my heart. God moved in mighty ways during this week. 

And finally...week 32! Every summer Harvest holds an event called Praise in the Park where we have the privilige to gather in downtown Naperville and praise Jesus. It's always a highlight of my summer and it was so much fun!

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful week and enjoy the rest of your summer :)


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