Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week 37 || Project 52

When I started Project 52 it was about taking photos for the sake of taking photos. Somehow, overtime, it became a heavy burden rather than a creative outlet. I used to spend hours adventuring just to find the perfect moment to capture and somehow I stopped doing that. How silly...needless to say, I am going to start doing that. Let's just say I'm pretty stinkin' excited :)

This past week I spent some time in the city with some lovely people. Take-aways from the week:

1. I belong in the city.
2. Chicago is one big melting pot of people and it's amazing.
3. I am moving to the city ASAP (seriously)

It was a weekend full of good mexican food, nonstop chatting, Proverbs and Psalms, pour-over coffee from Bowtruss, and pumpkin spice cupcakes at midnight. The weather was absolutely beautiful and so were the people. Now don't you want to live in Chicago too?!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. absoLUTEly love the B&W diptych.

    and it's funny, because to me, you "live in the city"...but apparently that isn't reality. hah!

    1. Thank you! I am only a 30 minute drive away but I live in the 'burbs at this point. But not for long!


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