Thursday, January 17, 2013

Worrying Will Never Change The Outcome

(via Pinterest)

The beginning of the semester always freaks me out. Starting a new routine and getting in the swing of things takes awhile. 18 credits (15 of them being photo) and finishing my program is putting me in a little bit of worry-mode. Night classes aren't my favorite. I don't particularly like finishing the day when the sun is gone and it's way too cold. Sacrificing joys to get it done is not the most appealing thing. But I know that this impatient girl is going to have to stick it out and it will be worth it in the end. Late nights, way too much coffee and a whole lot of encouragement. 

This is a season of change. I'm saying goodbye to one chapter and saying hello to a new one...and it's scary. I've worried, I've journaled my thoughts late at night, I've gone over the scenarios in my head. But most of all I've been completely in awe. I realize that this life isn't my own. I realize how amazing it is that God would involve us in His plan. I've been completely overwhelmed by His grace and mercy in my life. And after all, how good is life?! Why's going to be amazing



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