Friday, March 1, 2013

Winter Wilderness Weekend || Personal

I used to think I loved the winter...but I don't. I love Spring. I love all things becoming new again. I love new life. I love plants and flowers and green grass. I'm not a fan of beige-land. But, it was kind of nice having an excuse to be tucked away with two feet of snow in the woods. Another weekend in the wilderness and some much needed down-time. (Prepare yourself for some majorly cute pictures of Ellie)

When all I could hear was the sound of the snow crunching beneath my feet and the pitter patter of my heartbeat.
When I woke up and there was actually some coffee for me to drink.
When I had a clear mind to paint after not painting for months.
When I read through Psalm 118 & 119 and was brought to tears.
When I got lost in the woods with Ellie as she hopped through the snow.
When I wrote a letter that was 10 pages long.
When the blankets of snow are illuminated by the moonlight and I can hear an owl hooting in the pine trees.
When the fire light is bright and our eyes are tired.

& yes I realize I am in love with my dog.

Have a splendid weekend

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