Thursday, August 8, 2013

John & Colleen || Chicago, IL Wedding

When I first met John & Colleen, I knew their wedding would be awesome. They are just cool people. They love coffee, hiking, biking & music. They have matching tattoos of all the mountains they've climbed together in binary coding and he proposed on a mountain. How amazing? The days leading up to their wedding, I was so excited! my surprise, one of my nightmares came true. The day before, I ended up breaking my ankle and I was unable to shoot their wedding. But I am so incredibly blessed by my amazing second shooter and his assistant. They covered this one for me. Steve & Stephen are true life savers! They did a phenomenal job documenting John & Colleen's wedding.

John & Colleen, thanks for being awesome. Steve & Stephen, thanks for being life savers.


Photography: Steve Chellappa & Stephen Ticsay
Editing by Alison Blunk.


  1. those bike photos....mmmmhhhm. also, I totally would have thought you'd shot this by the photos! can't even tell it wasn't you! (:

    1. They did an amazing job. Made post so enjoyable :)

  2. LOVE IT Ali! Thanks so much for showcasing our work! I love that this was totally a collaborative wedding! Great job on the culling/ editing! You showcased the day BEAUTIFULLY! :-D

  3. Hey!! Such a cute wedding. Loved the bride’s amazing dress. It’s really great and interesting. Liked the idea of riding bicycles. Would love to have an interesting and something unique idea for my wedding at one of local wedding venues. Hope will succeed in this.


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