Thursday, August 8, 2013

John & Colleen || Chicago, IL Wedding

When I first met John & Colleen, I knew their wedding would be awesome. They are just cool people. They love coffee, hiking, biking & music. They have matching tattoos of all the mountains they've climbed together in binary coding and he proposed on a mountain. How amazing? The days leading up to their wedding, I was so excited! my surprise, one of my nightmares came true. The day before, I ended up breaking my ankle and I was unable to shoot their wedding. But I am so incredibly blessed by my amazing second shooter and his assistant. They covered this one for me. Steve & Stephen are true life savers! They did a phenomenal job documenting John & Colleen's wedding.

John & Colleen, thanks for being awesome. Steve & Stephen, thanks for being life savers.


Photography: Steve Chellappa & Stephen Ticsay
Editing by Alison Blunk.


  1. those bike photos....mmmmhhhm. also, I totally would have thought you'd shot this by the photos! can't even tell it wasn't you! (:

    1. They did an amazing job. Made post so enjoyable :)

  2. LOVE IT Ali! Thanks so much for showcasing our work! I love that this was totally a collaborative wedding! Great job on the culling/ editing! You showcased the day BEAUTIFULLY! :-D


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