Thursday, August 1, 2013

July in Instagrams || Personal

Holy guacamole...July was crazy. Full of goodness and a lot of trials. On July 4, I broke my ankle a day before a about bad timing! It turned out to be a minor fracture and I was walking in a couple weeks but it was a definite hinderance. July also brought my favorite trip of all time. For my whole life my family has been going to North Carolina almost every summer. This state is by far my favorite state and quite possibly my favorite place in the world. Shout out to you NC! 

We drove the 13 hours and it was magical. Nothing like waking up to the sound of the ocean literally right outside. Oh, take me back! It was perfection. But, back to life & back to reality...

August brings A LOT. I'll be moving to Chicago to live in a dorm room and my homework will not include photo shoots. I'll be studying at Moody Bible Institute and I am so overwhelmed. With blessings, grace, and a tad bit of anxiety. A new chapter awaits! & so does some news... so stay tuned for that blog post.

Until then, let's daydream about July...

July was so good. Why does it have to be over?! ):

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