Thursday, November 1, 2012

October in Instagrams || Personal

October treated me well; with lots of road trips, adventures and cider. November is here now [one of my favorite months!! :)] Is it appropriate to start listening to Christmas music yet?!

1. My dear friend Masha has been in the hospital and her faith journey has started a movement. Read about it here. 2. Kari Jobe & All Sons & Daughters in one night. Such a cool time spent with friends. 3. My new home :) So excited to move to the city next year! 4. Just one of the many photos from my time up north this month. 5. Sunsets in the wilderness...nothing like it. 6. It's boot season and I couldn't be more happy about that. 7. Last night in the woods : pumpkin tea, pumpkin bread and Ephesians, fireside. 8. Walks by the lake. 9. God is the best artist. I love rainbows. 10. I voted today! Have you voted yet? 11. Lunch breaks on the path are my favorite. 12. Who says that sunsets in Illinois aren't any good?! I literally gasped at this one.

So that's my October. How was yours?! Are you ready for November?


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